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2A Freedom Rally!!

Please join us on February 8th at 11am (until 2pm) in a peaceful protest of the anti-second amendment bills that are being voted on at the State Capitol.  The Utah Gun Exchange and Open Carry Utah will be hosting this rally, inviting with them the Utah Shooters Organization, the Utah Firearms Association, the Utah Shooting Sports Council, various other Pro-gun organizations, and ALL of their followers, as well as anybody who would like to see our freedoms preserved.  

Utah is traditionally a very gun friendly state.  Let's band together on the 8th to show the politicians representing us that we want to keep it that way!  

Bring a sign explaining your support of our freedoms, if you're comfortable, carry your firearm, concealed or open, and PLEASE spread the word!


The specific bills we are protesting are the following:

HB0109 -Universal background checks

  • requires all private sales to go through a licensed firearms dealer who will run a background check on the buyer

HB0229 -Red flag laws (Extreme Risk Protection Order)

  • Enables individuals to request that firearms are taken away from another person based on observations of danger to others
  • Allows a court to issue a search warrant based on these requests and a refusal to willfully surrender firearms.

HB0115 -Dangerous Weapon Custodian Liability

  • Places liability onto the custodian of a firearm if the firearms falls into the hands of somebody who is "unfit" have one, and the firearm is used to cause injury or property damage

HB0136 -Safe Storage

  • Makes it a crime to store a firearm where a minor or restricted person may have access

SB0033 -Firearm Identification Amendments

  • Amends a current law about altering any mark of identification on a pistol or revolver.
  • Changes verbiage to ANY firearm
  • Changes from class A misdemeanor to 3rd degree felony 

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