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Shootah™ 2019 Attendee Info

July 20th, 2019  9:00 AM -2:00 PM

Thanks for checking out Shootah 2019!  What started out as a public invite to come shoot with a few others in the local community is now the largest public live-fire event in the state!  This year will be bigger and better than ever.  Mostly local, and a few national vendors will bring out their products and firearms to check out and test.  Every type of firearm you can imagine will be there to shoot.  Come demo the latest and greatest, and even shoot some old and rare firearms from WWII!  There are so many amazing firearms-industry based businesses in Utah, and Shootah is where we bring them all together into one event. This aint your grand-daddy's gun show!  


Shootah will be held on Saturday, July 20th from 9 am to 2 pm.  


This will be THE industry range day event of the year.  Guns, gear, great food, awesome people.  What better way to spend your time?

  • Local manufacturers will show-off and have available to demo their latest and greatest products to the public.  
  • Shooting.  Not just any shooting.  All of those guns that you see in the movies and wish you could get your trigger finger on....they'll be there, thanks to some of our local shooting ranges. (shooting firearms at the vendor booths may incur an additional charge from the vendors depending on what you'd like to shoot)
  • Axe throwing.  What?  Yes.  Grunting encouraged.
  • A HUGE sweepstakes giveaway for some great products will be held with winners drawn throughout the day.  Every dollar spent on your attendance fee and Utah Shooters gear packs gets you a free entry into the sweepstakes drawings!
  • Some different mini-shooting competitions put on by different vendors will be held throughout the day.
  • The best food trucks this side of the Jordan River!
  • A "beat the pro" shooting station.  How do you stack up?
  • You DO NOT want to miss this event! 


The FARM training facility in Fairfield, UT.  35 minutes off the I-15 American Fork exit, heading west.  This is where it has been held the last 4 years.  You can search for "the farm shooting range utah" in Google Maps or click HERE for more detailed directions.


YOU, your brother, his annoying wife, and all the kids!  As long as your kids are able and willing to wear eye and ear protection, bring them along!

And also many amazing local vendors.  Here is a list of some of the vendors with more being added frequently!

  • Action Target
  • Amtac Suppressors
  • Axil hearing protection and enhancement
  • The Armory
  • Black Ice Armory
  • Black Arch Holsters
  • Bountiful Armory
  • Bretheren Arms
  • Concealment Solutions
  • Culper Precision
  • Dead Air Suppressors
  • Gallant Bullets
  • Gallenson's Guns
  • GoEngineer
  • The Gunbox
  • Kickback Coatings
  • LoneStar Training
  • Nielson Training
  • One Tactical
  • OSS Suppressors
  • Outlaw Distillery
  • Pig Lube
  • Phat Axe
  • Phone Skope
  • Rain6
  • ReadyGunner
  • Rangeday Apparel Co
  • SilencerCo
  • Six Axis Development
  • Sport Ear
  • SX3
  • TacWare
  • Tier 1 Concealment
  • TNT Gun Range
  • TruArmor
  • Uintah Precision
  • Utah Air Guns
  • Utah Gun Exchange
  • Wasatch Wigeons Association
  • You Tactical
  • and more are being added daily!


    Here is how we will make this a great and safe event.  

    Some Shootah rules that we would like you to observe:

    • This event will NOT be open to personal firearm shooting this year.  You may bring your concealed carry weapon of course, but please don't expect to be able to shoot your personal firearms.  This is for safety, liability, and logistics reasons.  We appreciate your understanding.
    • Each vendor will have a safety officer but we ask that you observe strict firearm safety and caution as you are handling firearms at the event.  
    • Eye and ear protection are required whenever attendees enter the roped-off firing line area.  You can bring your own, or there will be some available to purchase at the event.
    • Children are welcome and encouraged to come as long as they are able (and willing) to wear eye and ear protection and follow the basic firearm safety rules while at a range and handling a firearm.
    • Each adult over the age of 18 attending Shootah must fill out a Shootah Waiver and Release form before entering the event.  

    Registration fees: (Registration fees count towards your sweepstakes entries)

    Early registration:
    • $18 Adult early registration BEFORE JULY 1st
    • Early registration also enters you into the Pre-Shootah gun giveaway.  
    • Early registration will also get you a Shootah vendor pack which will include coupons, offers, range passes, and more information about our vendors.  These will be mailed out to you by July 5th.  
    Normal registration:
    • $20 normal adult admission (After July 1st or at the door)
    • $1 for youth under 18 (accompanied by an adult)  
    VIP registration: BEST VALUE! 
    • $100 gets you one adult registration for Shootah, A Shootah 2019 ball cap, A Utah Shooters PVC patch, 


    We will be doing the raffle a little differently this year.  We will log your ticket numbers with your name and give you the ticket stubs.  The prizes and the donating vendor name will be listed on a large banner with a time.  This banner will be on-display along with some of the prizes near the Utah Shooters event HQ.  We will call winners throughout the event at the times written next to each prize.  Winners will be drawn every 30 minutes starting at 11:30 sharp, drawing the last winners at 2 pm.  We'll write your name next to the item on the banner when you win.  This way, we won't need to pull everybody into a crowd for an hour-long raffle drawing mid-day.  Winners can come claim their prize as soon as we draw their ticket, or when they're leaving.  Our loud-speakers may not reach the whole event, so check back to see if you've won anything before you leave.  Around 2pm, we'll announce to everybody to come check if you've won a drawing.  At 3pm, if there are unclaimed prizes because some winners left before we pulled their raffle ticket, we will give one last chance to claim the prizes and then re-draw names for the unclaimed prizes until we get winners who are present.  This should run smoothly and allow you to claim your prizes at your convenience rather than battling a large crowd all at once like last year.  Again, you must be present at the event to win.  If you leave before we call your number, your ticket will be discarded at 3pm and a new winner will be called.  We will not call, text, email, or send carrier pigeons to inform you that you have won.  It will be the winners' responsibility to check if they've won anything before they leave the event.  When you leave, you relinquish your ability to further claim or win more prizes. Only the person who's name corresponds with the winning ticket number can claim their prize.  (No friends or family)  As long as you have purchased your tickets by 11:30 am and are present at the event until 2pm, you will have the opportunity to win all of the available prizes.

    Raffle items: (the list is constantly growing!)

    • A custom AR-15 Rifle from Black Ice Armory w/ Culper Precision cerakote job
    • A Gunbox Gun safe with a "mystery" handgun and EDC kit inside.
    • Multiple suppressors
    • A Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 9mm
    • A Ruger LCP II handgun
    • A UPR-15 bolt action AR15 upper receiver from Uintah Precision
    • a $1000 gift certificate towards a Bretheren Arms gun build
    • 2 Protos-M concealed carry holster packages from Black Arch holsters
    • Multiple knives
    • Soft body armor from Citizen Armor
    • 9mm ammo from Rapid Ammo
    • Custom gun holsters from our local manufacturers
    • Utah Shooters swag
    • Electronic hearing protection from Axis
    • Steel targets from Action Target
    • A custom air brushed ammo can from Bentley Design
    • Tactical flashlights from TacWare
    • Passes to local shooting ranges
    • Training classes from You Tactical
    • Pig Lube range kits
    • Swag packs from vendors
    • and LOTS more to come!