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SHOOTAH™ 2022 Attendee Info


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SHOOTAH™ will be held Saturday, May 21st from 10:00am to 5:00pm

SHOOTAH™ After Dark - Presented by AGM Global Vision will be held Saturday evening following SHOOTAH™ daytime activities, May 21st 8pm to 11pm. Limited space available. Engage targets while utilizing night vision and thermal optics.


Garth Killpack Shooting Range, Springville Utah. 110 Hobble Creek Rd, Springville, UT 84663.  You can search for "garth killpack shooting range utah" in Google Maps


This will be THE Utah industry range day event of the year.  Guns, gear, great food, firing .50 BMG from the turret of an armored personnel carrier tank, shredding our crank fired M1919 mounted atop the WWII halftrack, launching soda cans for prizes, skydivers, awesome companies and awesome people. What better way to spend your time?

  • Local manufacturers allow you to shoot their latest and greatest products! 
  • Opportunity to engage multiple targets with the .50 BMG mounted atop Mike Pappas' BMP tank
  • Shooting. Lot's of shooting available. (shooting firearms at the vendor booths may incur an additional charge from the vendors depending on what you'd like to shoot)....(but the prices are reasonable)
  • Feel like firing an M1919 with crank style trigger from a WWII Halftrack tank? Thanks to Freedom Vehicles and Utah Shooters you can do just that!
  • First Aid and medical training/demonstration from My Medic
  • Raffle of $20,000+ in awesome products
  • Let's talk about this flag ceremony. Our local skydiving expert, Mike Semanoff will be jumping out of the Bucked Up helicopter with a huge flag dangling below him and we'll sing the national anthem while we watch him majestically glide down to the ground.  Epic.
  • Some worthwhile causes to learn more about and support like Forge Forward, Gun Owners of America, Utah Firearm Association, & DC Project.


YOU, your family, your friends and neighbors.  As long as your kids are able and willing to wear eye and ear protection, bring them along!

Here is a list of some of the vendors and sponsors with more being added each week!  Check out all the new vendors!

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Event Sponsors
  • AGM Global Vision
  • CCBank 
  • Bone-Dri
  • SilencerCo
  • Retro Rifle
  • Delta Team Tactical
  • Legion Targets by Spire Ranges
  • Amend2 Mags
  • Juxxi
  • Edge Eyewear
  • Prestige Roofing

SHOOTAH™ Vendors:

  • AGM Global Vision
  • Bone-Dri
  • CCBank
  • Delta Team Tactical
  • Retro Rifle
  • Legion Targets by Spire Ranges
  • Amend2 Mags
  • Edge Eyewear
  • Juxxi
  • Prestige Roofing
  • Davidson Defense
  • Mossberg
  • Bucked Up
  • Black Arch Holsters
  • Culper Precision
  • Hard Head Veteran
  • My Medic
  • HuxWrx
  • Rockwell Time
  • Forge Forward
  • UT Firearm Association
  • Gun Owners of America
  • DC Project
  • Dead Air Silencers
  • Next Shot Precision
  • Iron Horse Firearms
  • 3rd Gen Tactical
  • BPMF
  • Nielsen Training & Consulting
  • Chase Movement
  • Guardian Concepts
  • Modern Civilian Combat
  • Sophos Survival
  • Gun Butter
  • We Knife
  • Wee1 Tactical
  • Utah Air Guns
  • Amtac Suppressors
  • Utah Army National Guard
  • Tactical Development
  • Anarchy Outdoors
  • Alpha Foxtrot
  • BBQ Pit Stop
  • Utah Safe CO
  • Gun Radio Utah
  • Gallant Bullets
  • US Law Shield
  • Devos Brand
  • UT Plinksters
  • & More!
    Supporting Businesses (no booth):
    • TacWare
    • Goat Guns
    • Fieldcraft Survival
    • Pelican
    • R&R Tactical
    • Peak Refuel
    • TNT Guns & Range
    • DUMAC Print & Marketing
      $25k+ Raffle (Must be present to win)
      • Night vision / Thermal optics (AGM Global Vision)
      • Patriot Carbine Rifle (3rd Gen Tactical) 
      • Rifle build (Delta Team Tactical)
      • Shotgun (Iron Horse Firearms)
      • Shotgun (Mossberg)
      • Pistol (Mossberg)
      • Firearm training certificates (BPMF/Neilsen Training)
      • Bolt action pistol (Next Shot Precision)
      • Reactive steel target systems (Legion Targets by Spire Ranges)
      • SilencerCo silencer
      • Dead Air silencer
      • HuxWrx suppressor
      • Firearm cases/bags (Bone-Dri)
      • Firearm safe (Utah Safe Co)
      • Traeger grill (BBQ Pit Stop)
      • Mobility bag sets (Fieldcraft Survival)
      • Range passes and ammunition (TNT Guns & Range & LAXAMMSLC)
      • First Aid kits (My Medic)
      • Firearm models (Goat Guns)
      • & MORE!


      Here is how we will make this a great and safe event.  

      Some SHOOTAH™ rules that we would like you to observe:

      • This event will NOT be open to personal firearm shooting.  You may bring your concealed carry weapon of course, but please don't expect to be able to shoot your personal firearms and/or ammunition.  This is for safety, liability, and logistics reasons.  We appreciate your understanding.
      • Each vendor will have a range safety officer but we ask that you observe strict firearm safety and caution as you are handling firearms at the event. 
      • Eye and ear protection are required in all areas of the event.  You can bring your own, or there will be some available to purchase at the event.
      • Children are welcome and encouraged to come as long as they are able (and willing) to wear eye and ear protection and follow the basic firearm safety rules while at a range and handling a firearm. Children must be with an adult at all times
      • Each adult over the age of 18 attending SHOOTAH must fill out a SHOOTAH Waiver and Release form before entering the event.  If you register online, you will have a chance to read the waiver before finishing registration.
      • No dogs allowed unless a true service animal

      Registration fees: 

      • $40 adult admission (includes a $15 meal voucher- food provided by Prime Time Championship BBQ) 
      • $20 Youth with meal voucher (under 18 accompanied by an adult)
      • $10 Youth without meal voucher (under 18 accompanied by an adult) 

      VIP package $200 cost with over $400 in VALUE! (LIMITED QUANTITY)

      • VIP Registration gets you loaded with the goodies!
      • (includes SHOOTAH™ general admission)
      • Some of the gear found in this year's VIP package: moisture absorbing gun case from Bone-Dri, custom Utah Shooters watch from Rockwell Time, polarized ballistic glasses from Edge Eyewear, magazines from Amend2, and more!
      • Ticket to 'SHOOTAH™ After Dark - Presented by AGM Global Vision'
      • Utah Shooters decal bundle
      • SHOOTAH™ vendor pack which can include coupons, offers, and more information about our vendors, exclusively for the VIPs  
      • Utah Shooters drawstring backpack 

      NEW for 2022! High Roller package $1,000 cost w/ $2,000+ in VALUE and, AND chances to win thousands in huge prizes! (only 10 total available)

      • If you like a high stakes game of chance, this is for you
      • (includes SHOOTAH™ general admission)
      • Some of the gear found in our first ever High Roller package: AGM Global Vision thermal monocular, Bone-Dri gun case, polarized ballistic Edge Eyewear, Large 4-pistol Pelican case, gun parts from Delta Team Tactical, custom Amend2 Mags, limited edition high-end custom Utah Shooters watch from Rockwell Time, and more!
      • 2 tickets to our exclusive (invite-only) 2A industry networking soirée the night before SHOOTAH™
      • A seat at the exclusive high roller table during SHOOTAH™ to play some games of chance and win additional amazing prizes (including firearms) with the other 9 High Rollers.
      • Also includes everything from the VIP package

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