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Test Copy of Shootah™ 2021 Vendor Information


Shootah™ 2021 will be held on Saturday June 19th, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  We are excited to announce that this year's event has changed venue to the fantastic Garth Killpack Shooting Range located in Springville Utah. 

Shootah™ 2021 features lots of vendor opportunities:

  • Separate firing line sections for suppressed and non-suppressed
  • Sponsorship/marketing opportunities
  • Advertising through raffle donations and VIP bag swag donations
  • Shooting facility that lends itself better to Shootah; better proximity for vendors and attendees, and less of a hot dusty experience vs past events

Non-Firing Line Vendors: 

  • $150 per 10x10 area
  • 2 meal tickets included (redeemable with onsite food vendors)
  • Company logo featured on event t-shirt 
  • Printed sign with your company logo at your booth space

Firing Line Vendors:

  • $250 per 10x10' area
  • Includes 4 meal tickets (redeemed at onsite food vendor trucks)
  • Company logo featured on official event t-shirt 
  • Small banner with your company logo hanging over your shooting bay
  • Firing line vendors MUST assign a staff member as your Safety Officer whose sole responsibility is to watch and help at the firing line any time people are shooting.  Utah Shooters Organization will be providing a head RSO to oversee safety, but we expect you to closely monitor your booth's safety at all times
  • Ammunition pricing: Please charge your normal amounts for ammo. (Please don't price gouge). Bring the ammo (to sell) that you plan on running through your firearms.  If you are displaying your firearm builds, suppressors, etc. you may choose to let people shoot your guns for free.  Last year some vendors ran out of ammo, so plan accordingly! See additional info about ammunition below

General Vendor Info Prior to Event:

  • Utah Shooters will send an email to confirmed vendors by mid-March with information concerning marketing & sponsorship opportunities,  ammunition pre-purchase, and any new event information
  • We ask that each vendor post about Shootah on their social media pages 3-5 times before the event.  We'll make posts announcing each vendor/sponsor as we get a month or two out from event date, which you are encouraged to share the announcement of you company attending. Let's make this the biggest Shootah for everyone's benefit!

General Vendor Info Day of Event:

  • Must arrive by 7:30am Saturday (19th) for booth set-up and an 8:15am safety brief
  • Vendors are responsible to provide their own tables, tents, chairs and supplies.  If a generator (and long cord) for power, please contact us at info@utahshooters.com and we will assign you to an area where that will work best; few slots available for this need
  • All vehicles will be parked nearby in a designated vendor/volunteer parking area, approx 200m from the event area
  • Promotional vehicles can be on display with approval by Tyler/Jason prior to the event. Promotional vehicles will not be next to your booth
  • Bring heavy duty stakes or weights for your canopies, tables, and displays in the event of wind down the canyon
  • All vendors and employees attending Shootah™ must fill out an event waiver/release form
  • Only vendor/Utah Shooters supplied firearms will be permitted for use on the firing line. Attendee/outside firearms are prohibited from use on firing line
  • A large shade tent area with tables for eating will be in the center of the event
  • We are open to suggestions to make this event better!  Contact us at info@utahshooters.com


  • Ammunition supplied by vendors or Utah Shooters will be the only ammunition allowed on the firing line; this is considered a safety measure for all persons at the event, as well as protecting range/vendor property. Attendee supplied ammunition is strictly prohibited
  • We are working to have 9mm & .223 pre-purchasing available to firing line vendors to be used at the event. We will send an email to signed/confirmed firing line vendors soon after sign up concerning ammunition pre-purchase needs
  • 9mm/.223 ammunition pricing will be controlled for all vendors. We will notify all vendors of this price cap in coming weeks. All other ammunition pricing is at the discretion of the vendor
  • Tracer rounds are not allowed at this event


Legion Targets will be providing steel targets for Shootah™ 2021.  Please do not bring targets as your shooting lane will be assigned steel targets from Legion.  If you have high-caliber rifles, please advise us so your lane is equipped with the proper targets.  Please DO NOT let your attendees shoot lighter weight targets with large caliber rifles.  It will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to instruct and oversee the shooters at your booth on which targets to shoot at.  Legion Targets is very generous to let us use their targets.  If your assigned targets are damaged outside of proper use, you may be asked to pay for them.  Absolutely no exploding targets will be allowed.

VIP Bags for attendees:

This year, VIP ticket purchasers will get a Vendor gift/info bag.  If you would like to include business cards, coupons, punch-passes, promotional flyers, or other small swag that can fit in a tote bag, we would love to fill it up with your stuff! 

Pre-registration firearm giveaway sponsorship request:

We will be giving away a handgun (or rifle) to a randomly chosen pre-registered attendee to promote more early ticket sales.  If you would like to be the sponsor of a firearm we will promote your business as we are announcing the giveaway and make a special flyer about your sponsorship to use while we are promoting Shootah.  As soon as this sponsorship is filled, we will start announcing it and take down this request.  If you are interested in this sponsorship, please call or text Jason at 801-78-2751.

Raffle format:

We encourage all vendors to donate to the raffle.  We will be announcing the products beforehand, and promoting your business in the announcements.  No FFL items will be given out to winners at the Shootah event.  You will coordinate with winners to go through the proper channels after Shootah to get their items.

This year, we will be calling a cease-fire at 12:15pm and calling everybody to the stage to do the flag ceremony and announce the raffle winners.  We are hoping to get through this in 30-45 minutes.  This will give vendors time to grab lunch and take a break.   

Shortly after signing up, we will contact you with details about your booth, event/marketing/sponsorship information, and ammunition pre-purchase for firing line vendors. Utah Shooters reserves the right to deny any vendor from participating. Thank you for your support!

Important note:  We are not allowing "piggy-backing" where one vendor sets up a table at another vendor's booth unless authorized by Utah Shooters Org ahead of time.  If you would like to come, please reserve your own spot.  You are welcome to display your gear at multiple booths if another vendor is willing to let you, but please have your own dedicated 10x10 booth space first if you'd like to have a presence as a vendor at Shootah.  This will help with booth congestion, especially at the firing lines.  Having said that, if you work closely with another vendor and would like your separate booth right next to theirs, please let us know. 

Cancellations: Please note that cancelled booth spaces up to May 1st will be refunded. Sponsorships will not be considered for refund unless approved by Tyler/Jason.

By registering and completing payment for vendor space at Shootah™ 2021 you are agreeing to all the information found on this page, as well as future information to come from Utah Shooters Organization.

Click HERE to register as a vendor.