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Christmas Fundraiser Drawing


Help us this Christmas in raising funds to better the Holiday season for some local families that we have identified with the help of the Utah Shooters community. One of the 5 families that we are helping is that of a local police officer whose family has recently dealt with an unexpected lifesaving surgery, which has been a major financial set back, and another family has 20 foster children. Every donation (ticket) purchased at $20 gets you one entry towards the drawing.... donate as much as you like/can to help these families out!

  • Sentry12 Shotgun (Iron Horse Firearms)
  • 350 Legend complete upper (Delta Team Tactical)
  • Chest rig (Redemption Tactical)
  • Defensive flashlight pack (TacWare)
  • Swag Pack (Forge Forward)
  • Swag Pack (Utah Shooters)

100% of donations goes right to the families

Huge shoutout to Iron Horse Firearms in North Salt Lake, Redemption Tactical in Heber, TacWare and Forge Forward both in AFC. We hope to add more partners and products to this list, so keep an eye on the drawing and share a link with you family and friends to donate! Winners will be drawn Wednesday 22nd.