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Shootah Special Item: Foam Knuckles drink holder

For every dollar spent on Shootah special items, you will receive a free entry into our awesome Shootah giveaway with thousands of dollars worth of prizes this year!  See you there on July 20th!

(Purchasing this item will get you 20 free entries.)

Do you like your canned cold beverage to stay nice and cold? Your water bottle fresh out of the cooler to stay frosty while you're chasing your crazy kids around camp?  Do you like cool (meaning awesome, not cool tempurature-wise) things?  Well, these (foam) brass knuckles beverage chillers are right up your alley.  Slide your drink in and sip away, knowing it will stay nice and cool while you look nice and cool.  Your drink?  cold.  Your friends?  jealous. 

Disclaimer:  This is not intended as a weapon.  It's soft foam.  It will actually soften any punches you throw while wearing it....unless it's loaded with a full beverage.  That actually might hurt.  We don't recommend that though.