Coming Soon

Our site is currently under construction.  Here are a few things that we will be adding in the coming weeks to improve the Utah Shooting community:

  • A directory of all firearms/ shooting related business in Utah
  • A map of all businesses with a locator feature built-in to find what is close to you
  • A blog with local news, articles written by Utah Shooters writers, and other industry info
  • A directory of places to shoot in Utah
  • A calender of classes/ trainings/ events around Utah put on by Utah Shooters and other Utah business and instructors
  • More Utah Shooters hosted classes
  • More Utah Shooters gear
  • A free membership option that will allow us to keep you informed on Utah Shooters announcements and information

We would love to hear your suggestions!  What can we add that will make our website a better, more informative, and helpful place?  Please send your suggestions to