SHOOTAH - Live Fire Range Day -2024

SHOOTAH™ has become the largest live-fire gun event in Utah, and will shortly become the largest in the western United States. Why is SHOOTAH™ so big?  It’s  the celebration of our inherent 2A freedoms with a focus on Utah's firearm industry.

SHOOTAH™ will be held at the Soldiers Pass Shooting Range in Saratoga Springs, UT. Gates open at 10am and the event is open until 6pm. 

You will have opportunities to fire an M2 .50cal from the WWII halftrack, M134 Mini-gun, 20mm recoiless rifle, fire belt fed full auto M249 SAW and even a full automatic mini SAW! 240 Bravo, Tommy Gun, Uzis, 9mm & .45 Mac-10's and a Mac-11, full auto Sten, latest Mossberg shotguns, miniature AR-15's, air rifles, full auto rimfire rifles, and tons of suppressed guns on the suppressor range!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to strengthening Utah's shooting community by encouraging Utahns to become active supporters of our second amendment rights, act as a hub for upcoming firearm events and training, including our own hosted events, and connect Utah's incredible firearms and outdoor businesses with enthusiasts around the state.

We are a voice in Utah for positive support of our freedoms.  A free membership will get you a window decal and you will receive Utah Shooters' news and announcements.