About Us

Our Mission

Utah Shooters mission is to create educational opportunities for new shooters both young and old while highlighting Utah businesses and their products and services. In short, our goal is to galvanize Utah's shooting community, from our youth to the new firearm owner, up to the Utah based firearm manufacturer with hundreds of employees. We believe in freedom. We believe in the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. We believe that education and training is the means by which we as a community become safer, stronger, and more resolute in our God given rights to freedom and liberty. 

Utah Shooters operates several events through the year for the purpose of educating Utahns on firearm safety, tactics, connecting Utah's firearm related businesses, and humanizing the badges from our local law enforcement.

  • SHOOTAH™ - Utah's industry range day that brings together thousands of attendees, 70+ 2A businesses, offers live-fire product demonstrations, firearm training, self defense seminars, giveaways and more!
  • UT Plinksters - Community event focused on teaching children and youth firearm safety, basic firearm fundamentals, and the importance of 2nd Amendment.
  • Sweepstakes Opportunities that highlight Utah firearm related businesses and offer training and other shooting experiences for the lucky winners

The Team

Alex Varela: co-owner Alex@utahshooters.com

Jonathan Turnbow: co-owner info@utahshooters.com