Utah Shooters Membership

We have decided to make free membership into the Utah Shooters Organization a new option.  As a member, we will reach out to you from time to time to gain insight on what we can do better to support the local shooting community.  We will also inform you on local news that relates to you.  We will be putting together a team of local writers who will write articles about things that pertain to the Utah shooting, and you will receive alerts when new articles are posted.  Don't worry about spam.  We will never distribute or sell our email list.  A monthly newsletter will be put together that will include all of the news/ announcements that we have unless there is a (rare) occasion that something urgent needs to be sent out.  When you sign up as a new member, you will receive one of our 2" window decals and a thank you letter.  We appreciate the support that we have received so far.  We hope that with the new additions to Utah Shooters we will be able to further make the Utah Shooting community a shining example to other states of how law abiding, 2A supporting citizens can conduct ourselves and stand up for our rights.  Click the link below to be guided through the checkout process for your (free) membership.