UTPlinksters™ Range Day Events

One of our top priorities is to introduce children to safe firearm practices, and the fun of shooting. Shooting is a blast for many reasons, and we want to help create a connection for kids and firearms in a safe learning environment. 

We hold quarterly UTPlinksters™ range day events that allows kiddos to get trigger time on various .22lr rifles, air guns, and even training compound bows. Our requirement for allowing kids to shoot is simple, are they familiar with the universal firearm safety rules? "Yes they know the rules"; Great, we'll go over them each time they step up to the firing line, repetition is key. "No, they don't know the rules..."; No worries, we will work with them! If they show that they are learning and retaining the safety rules, we will keep working with them at each firing line station. Again, repetition is key.

All UTPlinksters™ range day events require all participants, parents included, to wear proper ear and eye protection. 

Upcoming UTPlinksters™ Range Day Events (click date):

April 23rd